Japanese Shotokan Karate-Do Association

Carole M. Morrone, Roku-Dan, Chief Instructor

Gerald T. Morrone, Roku-Dan, Instructor

Daniel R. Hunt, Roku-Dan, Instructor

Roger S. Wright, Go-Dan, Instructor

Burt D.M. Gottlieb, Yon-Dan, Instructor

Julie Gottlieb, San-Dan, Instructor

Sensei Carole M. Morrone, 6th Dan, began her training under Sensei James V. Morrone, Jr.  Japanese Shotokan Karate-Do Association in April 1978.  She tested under and received her San-Dan rank from Sensei Nakayama in 1987, the year before his death.    She has traveled extensively throughout the United States and in Japan, and has trained with several of the Japan Karate Association’s instructors.  Sensei Morrone has also competed nationally in tournaments, achieving many first place finishes in both Kata and Kumite.  Mrs. Morrone became Chief Instructor of the Japanese Shotokan Karate-Do Association – J.K.A., LLC in March, 2006 upon the death of her husband and Sensei, James V. Morrone, Jr.

Sensei Gerald T. Morrone, 6th Dan and JSKA Certified Instructor, started his training in 1967.  In 1972 Sensei Morrone represented the United States in the Second World Karate Tournament held in Paris France.  He had competed in the Great Lakes Regional Tournament, Chicago, Illinois to win a position to be on a five man team and then successfully competed in the final eliminations in Los Angeles, to win a position on the U.S. Team.  Sensei Morrone achieved his Roku-Dan rank in 2008.  He currently is the Chief Instructor of Metro Michigan Shotokan Karate and teaches in Troy, Michigan. Please visit www.mmshotokankarate.com for more information on Sensei Jerry Morrone and training opportunities in Troy.


Sensei Dan Hunt, 6th Dan, started his training in 1973 at the Flint Judo, Karate and Aikido Club.  He began training with Sensei James Morrone at the JSKA Central dojo in Detroit in 1976 and was promoted to the rank of Shodan in 1979 under the Japan Karate Association.  Sensei Hunt completed the instructor’s training course in 1994 to become an Instructor and Technical Advisor to the JSKA. He currently is the Chief Instructor of the JSKA of Rochester as well as an Instructor at the Central dojo in Dearborn Heights. He has competed in many tournaments nationally achieving first place finishes in Kumite and Kata, both team and individually, and teaches seminars on Kumite and Kata application. 

Visit www.jska-rochester/p/events.html for the latest announcements or Inquire at Sensei@JSKA-Rochester.com for more information on training opportunities at the JSKA of Rochester.

Sensei Roger S. Wright, 5th Dan, started training at the JSKA Central Dojo in January, 1985.  He has competed and placed in many tournaments.  Sensei Wright received his Instructor’s Certificate on March 4, 2012 and currently assists in teaching at the Central Dojo.

In his own words, Sensei Wright explains what is means for me to be a Sensei:

One of the greatest honors to be bestowed upon me was to become a Sensei.  I would compare it to the day my wife told me I was going to be a Dad.  Although you don't have to be a father or mother to be a Sensei it comes with similar responsibilities and integrity.  For me the biggest fear I have is that I have been giving the responsibility for being concerned for other students' training; not just my own.  What I lacked as a parent I will lack as a Sensei; with a little luck the great things I do as a Dad I'll do as a Sensei!  Especially with the knowledge and guidance of my senior Sensei. ( I know that I am not alone.)

Sensei Burt Gottlieb, 4th Dan, began Japan Karate Association instruction at Michigan State University in the Fall of 1975. Sensei Gottlieb joined the JSKA Central Dojo in the summer, 1975 and attained Shodan in 1981.  He began supervised instruction of beginning students at Oakland Community College – Royal Oak Campus in the Fall, 1985 and opened Orchard Lake Shotokan in Summer, 1991. Sensei Gottlieb completed the instructor’s training course in 1993 and attained Yondan in 2005. Sensei Gottlieb currently teaches at OCC for the Fall and Winter terms and at Orchard Lake Shotokan, twice weekly, throughout the year.

Sensei Julie Gottlieb, 3rd Dan, began training in 1988 with Sensei Burt Gottlieb at Oakland County Community College (OCC) in Royal Oak and joined the J.S.K.A. Central Dojo in Detroit that year.  She achieved her Sandan in 2003 under Sensei James V. Morrone, Jr. and completed the J.S.K.A.’s instructor’s training course in 2007. She has assisted Sensei Burt Gottlieb at Orchard Lake Shotokan since 1991 and at OCC, Royal Oak.  Sensei Julie Gottlieb taught children at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club, Orchard Lake Shotokan, Detroit Country Day elementary school, and for Kid’s Kicking Cancer.   She has participated in several tournaments as both a judge and competitor and has attended training seminars, camps, and classes throughout the United States and Canada.